Establishing the properties of materials is an important problem in identifying a suitable substitute for biodegradable materials in the fast food packaging industry. Consider the following data on product density (g/cm3) and thermal conductivity K-factor (W/mK) published in Materials Research and Innovation (1999, pp 2-8). Thermal Conductivity, Y Product Density, X 0.049000 0.185000 0.053500 0.230000 0.055000 0.235000 0.054500 0.236000 0.058000 0.260000 0.062000 0.286500 (a) Create a scatter diagram of the data. What do you anticipate will be the sign of the sample correlation coefficient? (b) Compute to 4 decimal places the sample correlation. Hint: Carry all calculations out to six (6) significant digits.

Accepted Solution

Answer: (a) see below for a scatter plot; we anticipate a positive sign (b) 0.9928Step-by-step explanation:The plotting and calculations are best performed by a spreadsheet or graphing calculator. The attached shows the use of the free on-line Desmos graphing calculator for the purpose.