HURRY I WILL MARK BRAINLIEST2. Your bank account has -$15 in it. You deposit $5 per day.(a) How much money is in your account after 5 days? Show your work.(b) After you have made all of your deposits, you withdraw $2 a day until your account balance is $0. How many days will you withdraw $2? Show your work.Answer:

Accepted Solution

Answer: A) 10$ B) 5 daysStep-by-step explanation: A) If you deposit 5 dollars per day for five days, you can show this by 5 x 5 = $25. If you account currently has -$15 and you are adding $25, you will have $10.B) If you now have $10 after you made all you deposits, you will need 5 days to withdraw $2 from your account until $0. This is because you can equally divide $10 / $2 to equal 5 days.